Digital Narrative Games

I didn’t know that it is possible to learn things from games until I played in total of 6 games and then I realized that I could learn from those games more than I expected. The games that I played are totally different from one another, but they were all based on decision making. The games showed me that we take those decisions for ourselves not anyone else and that we are the one who are responsible for any consequences that can happen due to the decisions we’ve taken. Moreover, I understood that no matter what we are going through we really have to think straight in order to make the best decision with the best outcome because our decision affect our future that may ruin the safety of my family and mine too.

Many people know that this is just a game where we can repeat it all over again in order to fix the decisions that we made; however, the point of the game shows that those situations can occur in real life and you can never go back to undo your decisions. The games are trying to make us live what other do, although it will not feel the same way but at least we could understand what they go through. For example, the BBC Syrian Refugees game, I played this game once, but luckily, I won from the first time and I reached to Greece with my family safely. This game showed us how Syrians suffer and are always at risk while they are trying to protect their families. The game had very hard decisions, and they were hard for while playing, then imagine how hard it might be to those people in real life. It must be so stressful to them because their decisions can kill them or save them. Therefore, this game was really nice to play, and I would recommend it for other to play in order to understand how Syrians live nowadays.

The second game I played was called Spent, the game is very interesting as it helps the player to understand how managing money is really important to live. Yes, privileged people might not feel that; however, other people spend carefully in order to survive. I lost in day 7, that’s when I understood how harsh it is for me and that I really need to learn how to manage my money. I started thinking of how families take care of their households, while having limited amount of money. Therefore, this game must really help us be thankful for the life we’re living and appreciate because other people are suffering a lot more than we think.

The third game was Know Yourself, that game did not want us to do anything except for answering truthfully and being honest with ourselves in order to know who we are. Some of my answers where stereotyped because of what I have experienced in my life, yet I understood from that game that this should change about me. Moreover, I could relate this game to Kandola’s video, where he talked about how we can be biased without even realizing it. Therefore, this game proved Kandola’s point of view and I am really looking forward to changing this habit.

The fourth game was Responsible Partying, this game has actually put me in a real-life situation that I could relate to. It showed me that I am in a party with friends and that I am offered an alcoholic drink. It is my decision to whether take it or not. I made the right decisions that lead me to the right endings; however, I could relate to this game a lot because many of my friends have done bad decisions while partying that they really regret them now. Moreover, the game included a video from YouTube to show us the bad effects of alcohol and that was really informative. Therefore, this game could be really relatable especially to teenagers nowadays.

Gender Equality was so relatable especially in our society and how girls are always told what to do. The game was trying to raise awareness for Egyptians on how they are always treating females unfairly. The showed us the stereotypes that actually exist in Egypt. For example, this was showed by showing that whenever a girl chooses something she’s interested in that they consider it only work for men, they always criticize her. Therefore, this game was the best because I have seen many friends are suffering from this problem and they are unable to achieve their dreams because of the stereotype “You are a girl, you can’t do this because it is made for men.”

The last game that I played was Fake it to Make it, it was very interesting, but I felt that it had a similar idea as Spent because it was related to managing expenses. I also ended up losing because I couldn’t manage my expenses. But the best part about this game is that I choose everything about it and trying to reach your dream; however, I lost, and I couldn’t fully read my dream. Out of all the games, this is the one I disliked the most because I felt like Spent puts you more in other’s people’s shoes in order to understand how people suffer.

In conclusion, those games showed me what other can go through and if I feel I had a bad day, then I really must think of those people in order to be thankful of what I have. In the game Spent, I found it really hard to manage my money and I lost in day 7, it made me realize how hard it might be for those families to function in the life they have. Therefore, they are so careful where do they spend their money. Thus, I noticed that many of the things that I have, many people cannot afford them and in order for them to survive this harsh world, they need to only spend on their basin needs and nothing more.

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